Finally privacy you can control! At the touch of a button, it changes from Opaque (privacy) to See Through. No need for blinds and curtains, get the privacy you’ve always wanted without compromise. Available for your home or office, starting as low as $599.00.

bathroom smart film
office smart film

Application for residential include doors, windows and en-suite bathrooms. Business: meeting rooms, executive offices, human resources, change rooms and almost any glass wall both interior and exterior.

Completed Projects

Residential Front Entrance

Exterior Retail Windows

All Glass Master Bathroom

Smart Film is the ultimate in privacy window films. Imagine being able to control your view (and that from the outside) instantly and without compromise. The ultimate in real-time privacy, full data interface allowing control from your mobile device, home automation and many different control options.

The past few years have brought privacy to the forefront. Lux Window Film began offering Electrochromic “Smart” Film to fulfil the needs of residential and commercial applications where control of privacy were an issue. We provide a complete solution from assessment to installation. We can work with your architects/designers/contractors to provide that “Wow” solution to your privacy needs.

Our Smart Film is proudly made in Canada, and is UL and CSA approved. It includes a comprehensive warranty and 100% support from us is part of that equation.

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