One Way

One Way Solar Window Film


  • Lowers energy costs making your home or office more energy efficient.
  • Reduces glare so you can enjoy natural light which also reduces eye strain.
  • Increased privacy in your personal environment.
  • Rejects over 99% of damaging UV rays, extending the life of artwork, rugs, drapes and furnishings.
  • Increases guest comfort by avoiding hotspots and inconsistent temperatures in your home or office.
  • Protects your skin from damaging UV rays while indoors too.
  • Helps hold shattered glass in place keeping you safe from flying glass fragments.
  • Backed by a comprehensive manufacturers warranty.


One of our most popular films. When you need unparalleled privacy without interior reflection. One Way film is the best solution. One way film gives you the ultimate in privacy while letting you see out, even at night. Because our eyes can only see from dark to light One Way film takes advantage. Even in extremely low light it stops people on the outside from seeing in.  You see out and those on the outside can’t see in. An additional benefit is a dramatic decrease in heat, blocking 81% of the heat while  reducing glare by an incredible 92%.


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