A SOLYX® product.SX-3140 Dusted Crystal Decorative Privacy glass films are recommended for application to interior glass and exterior glass. This film is a premium, 2-mil (50 micron) cast vinyl with an etched look added. It is perfect for privacy, decorative, or architectural applications. Use it whenever you need the added elegance of an etched glass look without the costly etching or sandblasting. This versatile product has been designed to deliver outstanding performance and durability. A unique, synthetic silicone liner makes it easier than the standar etched glass vinyl – easier to see when weeding – even when using fine-lined graphics and lettering. A special adhesive system ensures superior adhesion under the most demanding conditions. This film is applied using the same tools and techniques for applying solar control window films. Need this film cut to size for your windows, making installation a lot easier? Order here for Cut-to-Size: SX-3140-CTS Dusted Crystal – Cut to Size