Tinted Window Film

Problems with Glare? We’re Montreal’s window film experts. Glare can be an issue all year round, with bright sunlight making it different to focus or see, causing eye-strain and discomfort. Glare reduction window film provides instant and effective relief.

Glare reduction window film is available in a range of finishes, with an appearance and performance level to suit every taste. Whilst traditional glare reduction measures such as blinds or curtains will make your room dark and prevent vision out, our  glare reduction window film allows high levels of light to pass through the glass, while maintaining a view out through your windows. Once installed, the film requires no additional maintenance and can easily be wiped clean using household window cleaning products.

As well as cutting down on glare, this range of films also provide further benefits. Our anti-glare films also cut out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays – one of the major causes of fading.  Therefore, installation of this range of films won’t just help ensure a comfortable environment, it will also protect upholstery, carpets and furnishings. In filtering UV, the film will also provide a helpful barrier against harmful rays for those with sensitive skin.


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