Lux Window Films offers and installs the highest quality Anti-Graffiti window films, professionally and quickly. We’ve been serving the Greater Montreal area since 2008. We can provide you guidance in selecting the perfect film for your commercial application. Anti-graffiti window film protects your retail store, commercial building against a growing problem in Montreal. Anti-graffiti film stops would be vandals from damaging your glass or any smooth surface. Anti-graffiti film is a sacrificial layer which stops paints, acids, and physical damage like keys from making a permanent mark on your premises.

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Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Looking for anti-graffiti film? Lux Window Films has the right film for your needs. In addition to anti-graffiti film we sell and install almost 400 different films for security, solar control, privacy and decorative accent.

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Lux Window Films has been installing across Greater Montreal and South Shore area since 2008. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns you may have, making your window film selection the right one. We’re here to provide you with our expertise. The films we install are all professional grade films that come with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. We guarantee our work and your job will be competed without bubbles, dry spots or other defects. We’ve completed projects at the Ritz-Carlton condominiums, Ogilvy’s, H&M Clothing, Westmount Square as well as hundreds of homes and businesses across Greater Montreal, the South Shore and West Island.

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Lux Window Films doesn’t just sell film, we provide a complete solution for your window film needs. We’re here to answer any questions and provide professional advice. We recognize that your time is valuable and limited, so we’re available from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday – we even answer emails and calls on the weekend. Our goal is to solve your problem. We work with our clients to ensure the correct film for the application is chosen. Our professional films and installation are backed by a comprehensive lifetime warranty for residential and up to 15-year warranty for commercial applications.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Do anti-graffiti window films reduce glare?
Anti-graffiti is an optically clear film which when applied stops vandals from damaging your glass, steel, aluminum or any smooth surface.

How do anti-graffiti window films work?
Window film is a self-adhesive polyester film that is applied to glass surfaces additionally decorative films can be made out of vinyl. It is used as a “retrofit” application for existing glass on homes and commercial buildings in order to upgrade solar control, privacy, safety and appearance.

Solar radiation from the sun is divided into 3 components: visible light we can see, infrared we feel as heat and ultraviolet rays, which are invisible. As solar radiation strikes a piece of glass, window film acts as a “sunscreen” to block harmful UV rays as well as regulate the levels of heat and light passing through the glass. The amount of heat and light rejected is dependent upon the type of window film selected.

Can you put anti-graffiti window film on exterior windows?
Absolutely! Anti-graffiti film is an outdoor weatherable window film.  While most window films are generally installed on the inside, anti-graffiti films are specifically designed for exterior application.  Only window films designed for exterior application can be used outside.

How is anti-graffiti window film installed?
Installing anti-graffiti film requires the right tools for window preparation, installation and finishing. The process of preparation involves scraping the glass with a stainless blade (regular carbon steel can scratch glass), cleaning with a grease/dust removing spray, like Windex and finally squeegeeing and wiping with a shop towel or other non-shedding towel,  the removed dirt, dust and any other particulates from the glass surface. 90% of a good window film installation is good preparation.

Once the window has been cleaned it’s then time to cut the film for installation. It’s best to cut the film larger than the glass surface and then trim the film once in window. If the window is wood framed, its better to pre-cut the film to exact size, as wood frames tend to “shed” particulate when wet.

At this stage the liner that covers the adhesive needs to be removed. A small piece of painter’s tape can be used to lift a corner. Once the liner is removed the film and glass is sprayed with a water based solution which contains a slip agent to keep the film from sticking too soon. The film is then applied to the glass and using a squeegee and other tools, the water is removed. Once the film is “stuck” a stainless steel blade is used to trim and finish the installation.

Can I install film myself?
The above instructions show how film is installed, however, there is both skill and experience required to obtain a top-quality installation. Window film is a very unforgiving product, unlike paint or woodwork once installed, it can’t be fixed, the film needs to be removed and the whole process has to be started again. Lux Window Films can often save you money and time as we have the experience to get the job done to the highest quality the first time. We recommend professional installation for the best results and a comprehensive warranty.

Are the films you install the same as I can buy from Amazon, Uline or Home Depot?
Anti-graffiti window films can be bought online, are they the same as professionals use? Not always. Many manufacturers only sell to certified installers to ensure correct installation methods are adhered to. Films from Gila and other manufacturers are made overseas and may not be of the same quality as the window films we use. It’s best to use films manufactured in North America as they are better quality, use adhesives and other materials that are made to last. All films look the same when first installed, however professional grade films look great years later. They won’t fade, yellow, crack or bubble. The last thing you want is to have to replace your film in a year or so.

If you have any questions about our films, or any film you’re thinking of buying, call or email, we’re here to help, even if you don’t choose us to do your job.

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