Shatterproof Window Film keeps criminals out; provides safety against broken glass and gives real peace-of-mind. Does it really work? the photo you see is of an actual attempted break in. Criminals pulled out a sledge hammer and after 9 blows to the glass gave up.

We recommend protecting any easily accessible windows and doors. Cost effective, visually transparent and recognized by insurers.

Security Window works in conjuction with your alarm system to provide a professional level of security, without impeding your view.

The installation of security window film is a proven deterrent to crime.

About the Break-in

Criminals backed a pickup truck to the window, pulled out a 20 lbs sledge hammer and expected to be leaving with $100,000 plus in high-end bicycles. Instead you can see what happened: while the glass broke, it remained bonded to the film, and the criminal could not enter. Instead of a significant monetary loss, an unhappy insurer, damage to property and call to an emergency glass smith, only replacement of a broken window.

Alarm systems are great, they warn you that someone is inside. Wouldn’t it be better to keep them out? Security window film works, it’s one of the best deterrents to crime there is, and it’s an affordable solution that provides real peace of mind.

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